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5 Items Every New Fisherman Should Bring on Their First Big Fishing Adventure

By October 4, 2017Fishing
Big fishing adventure

If you’re a new fisherman getting ready to head out on your first big fishing adventure you don’t want to forget these 5 items! Sure, there is plenty more to pack into that tackle box, but these  5 “must haves” could end up saving your tail in more ways than one!

5 Items Every New Fisherman Shouldn’t Forget on their First Big Fishing Adventure

1. Fishing License

Virtually every state in the U.S. requires that you have a state issued fishing license before you can fish. It’s not just enough to have one in your back pocket, though, you need to familiarize yourself with local regulations. What will not having a license with you cost? You could be looking at $300 in fees and court costs…that doesn’t count any local regulations you may have broken while fishing without your license!

2. Sunblock

You might be laughing at sunblock making this list now, but you go ahead and forget it on your next big fishing adventure and we can guarantee that you won’t be laughing when you get home. What will not having sunblock with you cost? Recent research has shown that a sunburn as little as once every two years can triple your risk of developing skin cancer. Not so funny now, is it?

3. A Good Pair of Sunglasses

If you’ve ever been stuck outside without sunglasses when the sun was blazing, you know how annoying it can be to squint for hours on end. It’s not just annoyance that you have to worry about when you forget those sunglasses though! Repeated UV ray exposure has been proven to result in damage to the structure of the eye, a cloudy eye lens, and even blindness.

4. A Hat with Full Head Coverage

It doesn’t matter what time of year you head out on your fishing trip, head coverage is important. In the hotter months, failing to protect your head can quickly result in heatstroke. In the winter months, failing to keep your head covered can result in losing a huge percentage of your body heat. Either way you cut it, it means less time by the water and feeling pretty lousy, so get a hat!

5. First Aid Kit

Yes, we know we didn’t mention fishing gear…but it’s a given that when you go fishing, you take your gear with you! One thing that many fishermen forget, though, is a fully stocked first aid kit. Not worried about being bitten by a fish? What about a water mocassin? A supersized first aid kit has everything you need to keep you kicking until you can get help… That said, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone with you too, just in case!

What Else Would You Bring?

Five items is a pretty short list and we know we left off a ton of goodies, but we had to leave something for you guys to do! Leave us a comment and let us know what your “must bring” items are!


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