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Cool Hunting Shirt: The Importance of Ventilation and Breathability

By April 11, 2019Articles
cool hunting shirt

You hop online looking for a “cool hunting shirt” and find yourself with a variety of articles and products catered to your search query. The only problem is that most of these shirts interpret the word “cool” to mean trending. Of course, it’s always nice to have a shirt that’s in vogue, however, the most important interpretation of the word “cool” here focuses on ventilation and breathability!

Cool Hunting Shirts From Real Men Prey

You will find plenty of trendy slogans on cotton shirts or even stretchy fabric shirts, but when shopping for the best hunting shirt, you want to look into the function of a shirt more than the form.

The Importance of Ventilation

There are a couple of reasons why ventilation is so crucial when it comes to hunting shirts. Firstly, clothing with ventilation is going to prevent the buildup of body heat. We’ve all experienced being out on a chilly day only to find that after a short time of walking or working, we are sweating…A LOT! Hunting shirts with ventilation will allow for body heat to escape through strategically placed vents so that you don’t wind up getting too overheated. Secondly, it’s no secret that when we get too hot, when that body heat is trapped without any ventilation and we start overheating, it can lead to some awful body odor. That body odor is not only unpleasant for you and for those around you, but it also makes your hunt incredibly difficult or impossible in some cases because there is no being stealthy when you smell like you’ve just spent five hours in the gym!

The Importance of Breathability

When buying cool hunting shirts, it’s also important to ensure that the fabric you choose is breathable. Breathable fabric is more flexible and allows for easier movement, but it also helps to regulate your body temperature and stop that body heat from building up and becoming a problem.

What is the Difference Between Ventilation and Breathability?

When we talk about ventilation and breathability, there are some overlaps in the benefits of each, but despite common misconceptions, they are not the same thing!

When talking about ventilation, we are referring to hunting gear that has “vents” built into it so that any body heat can escape through those vents before building up to cause a problem. But what about breathability? How does breathability compare? Where ventilation is designed to allow a “release” for body heat, breathability is intended to prevent body heat from building up in the first place. When cloth is breathable it allows for the free flow of air so that the body can cool down before heat is given time to buildup and create a need for ventilation.

Our Favorite Cool Hunting Shirt From Real Men Prey

At Real Men Prey we carry a line of unique hunting gear designed to show off your outdoor living pride, of all of our products, however, we love the Real Men Prey Men’s Breathable Camo T-Shirt 10,000 B.C. Edition best when it comes to breathability and function!

The Real Men Prey Men’s Breathable Camo T-Shirt 10,000 B.C. Edition is a thin and layerable breathable t-shirt printed with came to ensure that you can hide from sight as well as smell! A nod to our primal history of living as hunters and gatherers, this shirt is designed to bring out your inner hunter while also being incredibly comfortable and functional.

The Real Men Prey Men’s Breathable Camo T-Shirt 10,000 B.C. Edition is one of our top selling cool hunting shirts, but if you’re looking for one with a little less neon green thread on the chest pocket area, we recommend taking a look at some of our other top-selling shirts including:

Unsure which one of our shirts to get? Why not get one of each and truly deck out your closet with a statement of your love for the hunt? Limited budget? If your budget limits you to just one shirt, we recommend checking out the Real Men Prey Men’s Breathable Camo T-Shirt 10,000 B.C. Edition, it is by far our most popular pick and the most comfortable shirt we have in stock!

Ready to Invest in Some Cool Hunting shirts?

If you’re ready to invest in some cool hunting shirts, head over to our online hunting wear store and take a look at our full selection of shirts and outerwear that cater to hunters and fishermen!


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