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Fishing Gear: What to Keep in Mind While Shopping For Apparel

By March 28, 2019Articles
fishing gear

When it comes to fishing gear, there is definitely plenty out there to choose from, but not all of it is well suited to life on or in the water. Today we want to talk a little bit about what you should look for when shopping for new apparel for your next fishing expedition.

Fishing Gear: What to Keep in Mind While Shopping For Apparel


One of the most important things you have to get from your fishing apparel is flexibility. You don’t want fabrics that are stiff and have no flexibility because it’s going to make your day on the water VERY uncomfortable! Try casting off with stiff sleeves that feel like you’re wearing a cardboard suit every time! Instead, go for something like our limited edition 10,000BC camo shirt! The soft and flexible fabric moves with your body instead of against it so you no longer battle against tight sleeves that don’t “give” when you need them to.

Looser Fitting

When you’re out on the water – especially in the summer, things can get quite hot. When you’re sweating buckets and trying to be patient waiting for the fish to bite, there are few things that are worse than a tight fitting shirt clinging to your body while you’re soaked in sweat. It’s just uncomfortable and as the day goes on there’s a very high likelihood that either you are going to get chafed skin or wind up taking off your tightly fitting shirt and getting an incredibly painful sunburn! Instead of tight-fitting shirts that don’t quite fit because your beer-belly has grown or because loose shirts aren’t “cute” (ladies!) just go with something comfortable like our solid black back Real Men Prey camo shirt that is both flexible and loose enough that it doesn’t cling or chafe!


Okay, it’s not a necessity to wear water-resistant clothing when you go out on the water, but sometimes it’s a pretty good idea. Sure, the odd summer rain shower is refreshing and it does matter whether you’re wearing a water-resistant shirt or not! The problem, however, comes when you’re out all day in rain showers and the temperatures just aren’t that warm yet. Or there are the all-day and night fishing trips – wearing a soaking wet shirt once the sun goes down is going to lead to more than just being cold, it’s going to leave you feeling ill and missing out on the next week of fishing while you feel like death warmed over.

Head Cover

We don’t care if you have a hoodie, a fisherman’s hat or a fishing themed baseball hat, it’s crucial that you always protect your head while fishing. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the shore, on the pier, on the boat, or in the water, failure to protect your head on warmer days can quickly lead to heatstroke and a very painful sunburn on the top of your head! Failure to protect your ears on colder days (use a hoodie, headphones…whatever you like) will easily lead to a cold at best or a deep and excruciating ear infection at worst. We don’t like either of those options, so just skip the excuses and cover your head EVERY time you go out and cover your ears if you need to.


As with hunting, safety should always be a priority when you’re out on the water fishing. What is “safe” when you’re fishing as compared to safe while hunting? It means wearing a life vest if you’re a poor swimmer, tying yourself into seating when you’re out on the ocean catching big fish and wearing a fishing vest that gives you easy access to an emergency knife (even a filleting knife will do in a pinch!). Why is a knife so important? Because at any point, you may need to cut the line, or worse, cut yourself free from tangled lines, ropes, or any other danger that could pull you down into the depths. We don’t care if it doesn’t look cool,

Looking For Some Trendy and Practical Fishing Gear?

If you’re looking for trendy yet practical fishing gear for your upcoming fishing trip, drop into our online fishing gear store and take a look at our newest merchandise. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always happy to answer your questions!


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