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Hunting Gear: What Qualities Should You Look For in Good Hunting Gear?

By March 21, 2019Articles
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Here at Real Men Prey, we specialize in fishing and hunting gear, so we know what qualities make for good hunting gear. Today we want to talk about some of those qualities to help you pick the best products for your next hunting trip!

What Qualities Should You Look For in Good Hunting Gear?

What qualities should you look for when shopping for good hunting gear? We’re not just talking about good quality fabric type of stuff here, we’re talking about qualities that make your hunt better and more comfortable.

Good Hunting Gear is Appropriate for the Climate

This sounds like a no-brainer, but so many hunters don’t dress appropriately for the climate and wind up destroying the integrity of their hunt, being uncomfortable, or just going home early. You should be aware of the general climate for the season if you’re hunting in familiar territory, but if not, do your research AND watch local weather reports. If there’s the slightest chance of rain, pick your waterproof hunting gear to keep you as dry as possible.

Good Hunting Gear is Practical

Practicality is not always “trendy”, but to be a good hunter, you have to dress practically. If you’re an experienced hunter, you already know this. The importance of waterproof boots, non-reflective clothing, quiet (non-rustling) materials, etc. can never be overstated.

Stretchy and Durable

Forget your cotton fabrics for hunting, go with stretchy but durable fabrics. You want materials that are going to move with you and not feel constraining or uncomfortable if you are walking or sitting for hours. While stretchy, you also want to make sure that the materials you select are durable so that if they catch on branches, you aren’t going to wind up looking like you’ve been mauled by an animal.


It’s all well and good dressing in comfortable, durable, and weather appropriate hunting clothing, but without safety precautions, no one should even consider hunting. A blaze orange jacket will alert other hunters to your presence and cut down on the incidences of accidental shootings. Blaze orange is also a color that deer don’t see too well which means that you’re not giving up your camouflage for safety.

Free From Metal Zippers or Shiny Studs

When you’re trying to blend in, the last thing you want is the sun to glint off a zipper or shiny stud and tip off the deer that you’re lurking. Opt for clothing intended for hunting, clothing with plastic zippers, hidden zippers, or no zippers! The less complicated your clothing, the better!


Most newcomers to hunting think that camouflage is a necessity and it is, but not in the way that they think. When “newbies” think of camouflage, they think of the pattern. When we talk about camouflage, we’re talking about the ability to blend into your surroundings. The camouflage pattern allows you to blend into your surroundings, but it’s not the only way to blend in. We prefer the camo print ourselves, but you can also camouflage yourself by choosing clothing that blends into your surroundings – browns, tans, greens, etc.


When you pick hunting gear to wear for your hunt, you also want to be sure to dress in layers. Temperatures tend to fluctuate especially if you’re out for the day and you want to be sure that you’re covered for every eventuality as efficiently as possible. Rather than wearing one thick sweatshirt, wear multiple thinner layers so you can customize your clothing to the specific temperature and aren’t stuck with just two options.

Ready to Pick Up Some More Good Hunting Gear?

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