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Pro-hunting? Show Your Outdoor Spirit With Real Men Prey

By April 4, 2019Hunting

Are you pro-hunting and tired of hiding it? Are you pro-hunting and ready to show off your love of hunting with the rest of the world? Then it’s time for you to take a look around the Real Men Prey online store where you can pick up everything you need to advocate the hunting lifestyle with style!

Pro-Hunting Real Men Prey Swag!

Real Men Prey Camo Baseball Hat

Everyone needs that perfect camo baseball hat and that’s exactly what our Real Men Prey camo baseball hat with the Real Men Prey logo is. We can’t guarantee that the Real Men Prey camo baseball hat will be your favorite hat in your closet, but we are saying that if it’s not…well…we’d be pretty amazed. In fact, it’s the only hat that anyone wears around here and the best news is that once you break that baby in, it’ll be the most comfortable lid you’ve ever worn!

Real Men Prey Camo Shirt with Black Sleeves

A breathable yet durable and comfortable shirt, this one features a small Real Men Prey logo on the bottom of the left sleeve and has the full-sized logo emblazoned across the front of the shirt in white and red. Of course, we love all of our t-shirts in the Real Men Prey apparel line, but we have to admit to being extra fond of this Real Men Prey camo shirt. Why? Because it’s one of the most comfortable shirts you will ever own, it’s not too thick so you don’t sweat constantly, it’s not too thin so it’s not always getting snagged and ripped and it’s something other than traditional all-camo shirts (which we love too but you can only own so many plain camo shirts!)

Real Men Prey Logo Fishing and Hunting T-shirt

Designed to stand up to even the toughest day of work, our dark green fishing and hunting t-shirt can withstand a day full of yard work and a night of night fishing and it won’t fall to shreds after a few washes! Made from quality breathable cotton, our fishing and hunting t-shirt features our classic logo across the chest in red and white. Available in a variety of sizes, these shirts are sure to be a staple in your everyday closet so make sure to grab a few so you always have one spare! Throw one in your trunk so you always have a fresh shirt going after your fishing trips, shove one in the cabin of your boat in case you need a change of clothes, and you can even keep one in the closet for a gift when those birthdays that sneak up on you!

Real Men Prey Men’s Camo Shirt

Similar in design to our camo men’s t-shirt, this men’s camo t-shirt has the same comfortable performance fit with maximum breathability and a slightly bolder statement of your devotion to the Real Men Prey brand! Although not ideal to wear when you’re out on the hunt, our camo men’s t-shirt is still a great option for all of you fishing lovers out there or those of you who spend a lot of time outdoors riding four-wheelers, building stuff, and otherwise being “manly”. A nice length, our men’s camo shirt doesn’t leave you tugging at the hem all day and the relaxed but fitted fit means that you’re not twisting the shirt around your body every time you turn around either!

Real Men Prey Men’s Breathable Camo T-Shirt 10,000 B.C. Edition

The newest addition to our t-shirt lineup is the 10,000 B.C. version of the Real Men Prey men’s breathable camo T-shirt! Available in a full range of men’s sizes, the 10,000 B.C. Edition Real Men Prey men’s breathable camo t-shirt features the Real Men Prey logo embroidered in lime green and orange thread on the left breast pocket and underneath in lime green thread it reads “Hunting and Gathering Since 10,000 B.C.” The perfect nod to our history of primal living as hunters and gatherers, this shirt is a must-have for anyone devoted to the primal hunting and fishing lifestyle. But hurry, we can’t seem to keep this specialty edition shirt in stock for long so if you’re contemplating grabbing one, you’d better do it now while we still have them because we can’t promise that they’ll stay in stock for much longer!

Ready to Start Your Pro-Hunting Shopping Spree?

If you’re ready to start your pro-hunting shopping spree online, head on over to our online hunting gear store and fill your shopping cart!


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