Real Men Prey Hunting and Fishing Sunshade


Sunshade emblazoned with the Real Men Prey logo.

Product Description

The Real Men Prey hunting and fishing sunshade is one of those things that you just can’t do without. You know exactly how it goes – you head out on the water in the early morning to do a little fishing and to unwind on the weekend. You leave your truck in the parking lot and get away from life for a while and feel great as you’re heading back to the truck. It doesn’t take long for that fully relaxed feeling to completely give way, however, when you open the door to your truck, grab the burning hot steering wheel, get your legs stuck to the hot sticky leather, and scald your hand on the seatbelt. We’ve all done it. With the Real Men Prey hunting and fishing sunshade, you don’t have to do it anymore!

A traditional silver sunshade, this full-length screen fits in the front window of your car or truck and reflects the heat that tends to build up while you’re still out on the water. This isn’t any old sunshade, though, the Real Men Prey hunting and fishing sunshade feature the logo of your favorite primal living brand across the full width of the screen in black and red print! What better way to show everyone just how devoted to the primal life you are?

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 6 in


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