Fishing Fillet Knife

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The Real Men Prey fishing fillet knife features a long slender blade that's perfect for filleting that big catch or that not so big catch too.  The thick handle with small handguard keeps your fingers away from the sharp blade while the slightly texturing on the handle provides a good grip even when your hands are still damp.  Although the handle of our knife is quite solid and ergonomically designed, the whole knife is still light enough to fillet a fish in no time at all without cramping your hand in the process.  

Our Real Men Prey fishing fillet knife measures 6.5" x 1.25" x .5".  The blade is smooth but sharp and tough enough to tear into the scaliest of skin.  The blade is also black-coated to avoid reflecting the sunlight's glare and blinding you while you're hard at work.  Available only at Real Men Prey, this exclusive filleting knife is efficient as well as being the perfect way to show off your hunting and fishing pride!  Make sure you tuck this knife in your tackle box before you head out on your next fishing trip and you won't have to worry about tangled lines or scaly fish!