Saving Florida from Invasive Species –  a Three Part Series – Series 1:  Pythons

Saving Florida from Invasive Species – a Three Part Series – Series 1: Pythons

The Burmese python in an invasive species that is destroying the native wildlife in South Florida.  These pythons can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh in close to 200 pounds.  With females being able to lay 50 to 100 eggs at a time, they are a real problem.  The Burmese python preys on birds, mammals and other reptiles.  An extensively quoted study from 2012 showed that rabbits and foxes no longer exist in parts of South Florida. And with a decline of more than 99 percent, raccoons are pretty much gone too. 

We here at Real Men Prey are committed to helping control the python population.  With python hunting being legal year-round in Florida, we encourage hunters to take part in python hunting.  Since 2000, there have been more than 13,000 Burmese pythons removed from Florida.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has created programs to encourage the removal of pythons.  Florida started a bounty program where registered hunters can earn a minimum wage for up to 10 hours worked per day plus a bonus for their captures.  They offer $50 for each python measuring up to 4 feet plus $25 more for each additional foot beyond the 4 feet.  Getting paid for hunting!  We here at Real Men Prey are all about that!

If you are interested in joining us in working to control these destructive snakes, you can humanely kill pythons (by any means other than firearms or traps) on private lands at any time with permission from the property owner.  No permit is required.  The FWC urges hunters to remove and kill pythons from private lands as often as possible.  Pythons can also be hunted and humanely killed any time in other wildlife management areas and small game hunting areas where pythons are known to live.  Or book with a professional python hunter for a day you won’t soon forget.  Any way you do it, get out there and bag some of these big snakes to help control the damage they are doing.  Don’t forget your Real Men Prey camo gear while you are hunting!