About Us

For Real Men, hunting and fishing are more than just hobbies. 

Through millions of years of human evolution, the desire to track, hunt, and capture prey has persevered and is permanently ingrained in our DNA. The adrenaline flowing through your body when tapping into your most primal instincts is addicting, and Real Men know there is no true substitute for that rush.

Real Men work and exist with nature, not against it. Real Men are self-reliant and have the wisdom to survive and prosper under any circumstance. They choose to venture out into the great outdoors ready to take on what Mother Nature throws at them to earn their title as top of the food chain.

Real Men want to become one again with nature and relive our history as hunter-gatherers, whether it’s for an afternoon in the Everglades or for a month-long trip across the state.

Real Men Prey celebrates the outdoorsman (or woman) that embraces these values by supplying apparel and accessories that proudly display the mark of a Real Man. All of our products have been designed with the Real Man in mind, complete with a style that gives a nod to our history.

Join our brotherhood of Real Men by gearing up with hunting t-shirts, fishing t-shirts, tumblers, flashlights, license plates, hats, duffle bags, knives, window decals, and more.

~ The Real Men Prey Tribe