Flashlight with Rubber Grip

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Perfect for any hunting or fishing trip, our Real Men Prey flashlight puts light in the palm of your hand without the revealing glare of bright aluminum housing.  The handle of the flashlight features our Real Men Prey logo and an easy to hold rubber grip to make on-the-go multi-tasking easier than ever!  Plus, if you're like us and never have enough hands, it makes gripping the flashlight with your chin much easier!  The light itself is bright enough to illuminate even the most tedious project (like untangling fishing line in the middle of the night) but not so bright that it'll ruin the hunt.  

Our flashlight measures 12" x 24" x 6" and is light enough for holding, slender enough for carrying on the hunt, but still heavy enough to be a durable and quality flashlight.  A must have for any night fisherman and a great emergency flashlight to keep in the glovebox of your truck or boat.  We can't promise our Real Men Prey flashlight will help you out of an emergency situation, but it'll certainly make things look a lot brighter.....we know, it's a terrible pun but we just couldn't help ourselves...