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Whether you’re always on the road for your next hunting or fishing trip or only head out once in a while, our Real Men Prey primal license plate is the perfect way to add a little flair to your car or truck! Let everyone and their mother know how passionate you are about hunting and fishing by affixing this baby to the front of your truck as a decorative license plate, by propping it up in the captain’s area of your boat, or just adhering it to the back window of your car or truck! Having this plate on display will also make it so much easier for fellow hunters and fishers to give you the nod of approval and acknowledgment as you pass by in the parking lot…and who knows, you may even make a new friend who is willing to share their prime fishing spot with you!

The Real Men Prey primal license plate is a traditionally sized license plate with a solid white background and the Real Men Prey logo emblazoned across the front in black and red. A simple enough logo to be seen from far away, but detailed enough to get the point across, you won’t regret slapping this one on your truck. Plus, it makes the perfect means of identification when you lose your truck in the parking lot after you get dragged out on the latest shopping expedition!